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Triumphs and Woes of a Young Writer

Ordinary Magic // Stars on Trees

[sticky post]Friends Only

The vast majority of my journal is friends only. If you'd like access to my posts, feel free to friend me and comment on here for me to add you back :)

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Sure thing. I actually finished in April, though I still have convocation coming up. I have tagged a couple of my classes, so if you take them, you can browse my issues (usually dealing with group members, lol). What's your major?

Oh that's fabulous! Congrats :) I haven't taken any of the classes you have taken but they sound very interesting! (I did take LING 201 though). I'm doing a double major in History & Italian Studies. I'm assuming you did Business?

Yup, Business doom.

I'm on my way to Italy in a few hours, lol. Coincidences :P

That's fabulous! Where are you off to in Italy?

Milan, Venice, Florence, and Rome ^-^

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