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[sticky post]Friends Only

The vast majority of my journal is friends only. If you'd like access to my posts, feel free to friend me and comment on here for me to add you back :)

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I'm in Novel_in_90 with you and wanted to be friends :)

Sure thing :) Welcome.

*waves* I'm from Novel_in_90, as well! Mind if I friend ya? :)

Sounds good :) Welcome to the party :)

I enjoyed reading your posts (and your responses to mine) in novel in 90, and friended you today.

Congrats again on finishing! See you on lj :)

Sounds good. Friended you back :)

Thank you!

Got your name via mizkit and I like reading up on writers etc


I'm gavic's wife (sheesh, it's been over a year and "wife" still sounds/looks so weird!). I like what I've read in your public posts (on the rare occasions that I remember to look at people's LJs rather than my f-list!), and am a (sort-of-non-published/sort-of-published/it's complicated) writer myself, so I figured I'd friend you, if that's okay. If not, just let me know!

Hi there. I friended you! :) Have seen you around quite a bit, over at Novel in 90 and various other regular haunts of mine.

Friended back.

Yeah, I've been pressed with finals and essays and whatnot for University. I should be starting again in Mid-may or so.

I'm an aspiring author and HS English teacher just making friends on LiveJournal!

Welcome :) You're panning on sending out a bunch of queries, too, I take it?

I'm another Canadian aspiring YA author, always interested in meeting others!

I just found your blog and am interested (as a wannabe author) to see how your books go. :)

Sure thing. Welcome :)

Hehehe, love the icon. One of my cats is named Xena

adding you. dieting support buddy

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Friended back. Which is your favourite Tamora Pierce book?

I'm in Alberta :)

(Deleted comment)
I saw you on the runners community. I wouldn't mind if you friend-ed me!

Reading your runners post, it seemed we may have stuff in common. Your "namaste" sealed it for me ;)

Namaste does tend to seal the deal :P Added.

Hey there!
I was searching for U of C students on LJ, and I found you! I would love to be LJ friends with someone who lives in this city and has had similar experiences. :)

Sure thing. I actually finished in April, though I still have convocation coming up. I have tagged a couple of my classes, so if you take them, you can browse my issues (usually dealing with group members, lol). What's your major?

Hi, astres. Realised I hadn't friended you despite talking to you in the Word Wars. :-)


Hi! I have just started and I've been looking through intrests of 'fantasy books' and your name popped up :)

I love your journal design and user pic, and that guide to schmoozing was great! Can I be your friend? (I know it sounds odd but I find it hard to phrase things!)

(Deleted comment)
Hi , i found you to be interesting (in writing ) so thought it would be cool if you added me back ~ Hope you dont mind ~ Ciao ~

Sure, no problem :) I haven't been posting much lately but I'm hoping to turn that around.

Reposting my comment in the right place!

I loved what you had to say during Malinda Lo's round table, and I wonder if I might add you as a friend?

Re: Reposting my comment in the right place!

Of course!

It wasn't the bear with boobs comment that got you, was it? Because that was probably not one of my finer moments :P

Found you because you have 'muses' listed as an interest - would you be interested in friending?

Oh my GOD, so adorable. I think I need to post some more pics of my animals on my blog. If only I can get the cats to sit still long enough...

Hehehe. Alas, mine can be tummy-petted into submission.

(Deleted comment)
Please, can you PM me and tell me number of much more thinks about this, I am truly fan of one’s webpage…gets solved properly asap.

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